Sabita Gautam

M.Sc.(Chemistry), M.A(Sociology), M.A.(English),
Tribhuvan University, Nepal.                                                                                                                            


  • Completed in 2016-- M.A, TU Board, (English), (Degree college, Biratnagar)
  • Completed in 2005 – M.A., TU Board, (Sociology), (Trichandra College, Kathmandu)          
  • Completed in 1998 – M.Sc., TU Board, (Organic Chemistry), (University Campus, Kirtipur, Nepal)                        
  • Completed in 1996 - B.Sc., TU Board, (Chemistry, Botany, Zoology), (Trichandra College, Kathmandu, Nepal)
  • Completed in 1993 – I.Sc. , TU Board, (Mahendra M. M. College, Biratnagar, Nepal)
  • Completed in 1990 - School leaving certificate, (Janata Ma. Vi., Itahari, Nepal)


 - A thesis entitled “Socio-Economic status of Industrial Worker”, (A case study of Dharan        Industrial Estate) submitted to Department of Sociology/Anthropology, Trichandra Multiple    Campus, Tribhuvan University for partial fulfillment of the requirement of the Master’s Degree   of Arts in Sociology.

-A thesis entitled " Mythical and cultural Analysis of Abhi Subedi's Bruised Evenings" submitted to T.U for the partial fulfillment of the requirement of  the Master's Degree of Arts in English.


  • Skill Test Manager' Training, National Skill Testing Board (NSTB) and Enhanced Vocational Education and Training(EVENT)Project (april 16-17, 2013)
  • IS1 Training, TITI, MMP (5th to 23rd sep 2011)
  • Educational leadership Development Training (5th to 8th June 2009)
  • Master of Ceremony Training
  • EPS (Effective Public Speech Training)
  • Basic Computer Training
  • Sewing and Cutting Training
  • Home Nursing Training


  • Participation in Eastern Region Chemical Symposium (May 14-15, 2010)
  • Participation in Regional Chemistry Seminar (May 7-8, 2011)
  • Participation in International Conference on Advanced Materials and Nanotecnology for Sustainable Development (Oct 21-23, 2011) organized by Nepal Chemical Societyand Central Department of Chemistry, T.U, Kirtipur, kathmandu
  • Participation in Sixth National Conference on Science and Tecnology ( sep 25-27, 2012)   Organized by Nepal Academy of Science and Tecnology.
  • Participation in Saarc literary festivals held in  New Delhi (2010,2011,2016),  Lucknow (2012), Agra (2013)
  • Participation in 4th  International Nepali Literary Convention in Tokyo, Japan (19-21st september 2015)

Awards and extracurricular activities

  • Volunteer work in Redcross and Reyukai Nepal
  • First prize, interschool poem competition in district level.(2046)
  • Consolation prize, open essay competition in National level.(2052)
  • First prize, Bimal Smriti Yuba Kavita Mahotsava in National level.(2063)
  • Dhan Bani Navaprativa Puraskar (2064)
  • Winner of scholarships in school and colleges
  • Publication of different types of articles and poems in local, national and international news paper and magazines.
  • Life member of "Radheshyam Mahila Jagran Samuha", Dharan.     
  • Life member of  International Nepali Literary Society, Nepal chapter.
  • Life member of International Nepali Literary Society, H.Q. Washington DC.
  • Elected member of "Hindu Nari Jagaran, Dharan Nagar Committee" (2059)
  • Board member of ‘ Bani Prakashan, Biratnagar.(2065)
  • Board member of ‘Transparency International’ Biratnagar.(2066)
  • Current member of Editorial Board of Kavita kitab, Nepal Academy.


  • Publication of three collection of poems, named 'Nilo simana', Jestha(2067) by Bani Prakashan, Biratnagar; 'Antim Akash', falgun(2072), by Sajha Prakashan, Kathmandu, and ' Timilai Kasto Cha', chaitra (2077) by Sangrilla Books.
  • Publication of more than 40 different types of articles in local, national and international news paper, e-papers and magazines.
  • Poems published in " An Anthology of Contemporary Nepali Poetry" compiled and edited by Keshab Sigdel , publised by Big Bridge (USA)
  • Poems published in Snow jewel, Issue 6, 2015 A.D, Grey sparrow press, USA
  • "The Echo", Beyond boarder, The saarc journal, 2010,New Delhi
  • Sweet and Sour, Anthology of poety, FOSWAL, 2010, New Delhi
  • "Rahar Lagdo Bali", Garima Monthly, chaitra-2064, mansir-2066 B.S ; Nepal
  • Gunjan Traimashik, asoj-2064
  • Manobhav Traimasik,asar-2057, Kartik- 2064
  • Madhupark Monthly, poush-2064, Srawan-2072    
  • Pramithus,Issue-1, poush-2069. , Itahari
  • Kalashree, literature,yearly-2070.Kathmandu
  • Sagarmatha wangmaya-srawan-poush,2071
  • Pandulipi, issue-8, poush-magh- 2071.
  • Koseli, Kantipur daily-21st feb,(2015)
    Saniwar bisesh, Kantipur daily-13 march, (2021)
  • kavitama bhanubhakta, asar- 2072 and in many others.


  • Senior Lecturer, Manmohan Memorial Polytecnic, Hattimuda, Morang. (Since 3rd August, 2008 )
  • Part Time Lecturer, Purwanchal Campus, Dharan (Since Oct 2001 to 2008)
  • Full Time Lecturer, Arniko Higher Secondary School, Biratnagar.(11th May, 2003 to 29th  July, 2008)
  • Part Time Lecturer, Nasst College,Dharan (4th May, 2001 to15th June, 2002)
  • Secondary teacher, Prabhat  Residential English Boarding School for 4 year (25th April, 1999 to 26th April, 2003)