94th Manmohan Janma Jayanti was celebrated hugely with programs like blood donation, tree plantation and prize distribution on 2071 Ashad 15 (29 June, 2014). Mr. Prem Prashad Luitel, Officiating CDO of Morang district was the main attraction of the program as the chief guest. Other guests were LDO of Morang Mr. Narayan Prashad Mainali, Mr. P.K. Chalia, First Secretary from Indian Ambassy Biratnagar, Mr. Sarwajit Singh, Second Secretary from Indian Ambassy Biratnagar, Mr. Shiva Prashad Dahal, CTEVT Regional Director from Eastern Region Office of CTEVT, Mr. Raj Kumar Thapa, District Education Officer, Morang, Mr. Pravu Dhakal from District Police Office, Morang, Mr Subash Bhandari From Armed Police Force, Dantakali. Dr. Subash Shree Pokhrel, Principal of MMP discussed about the programs in MMP.

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Total of 71 doners donated Blood in the blood donation programs. Around 150 trees were planted in the tree plantation program. Around 100 of students were honored for their academic excellence and for extra curricular activities. Around 40 of teachers/staffs were honored for their valluable support in MMP's various programs throughout the year.

The Masters of Ceremony for the program were Mr. Satya Narayan Chaudhary, Mr. Lochan Raj Neupane, Mrs. Kanchan Jha and Mr. Yubraj Chaudhary.


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On the occassion of 94th Manmohan Jayanti, Manmohan Memorial Polytechnic also organized a friendly football match between Manmohan Memorial Polytechnic and Institute Of Engineering, Purwanchal Campus, Dharan on 2071/03/13.